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Since 2008, the Department of Family Medicine (DFM) at McMaster University has funded pilot projects (maximum $5,000 each) for research in primary care and medical education. These 18-month grants are intended to build research capacity at DFM. Pilot project applications should address areas of research related to primary health care. The goal is that pilot projects will produce findings that support the development and submission of future research proposals to external funding agencies.

Application Documents and Information

Recipients 2020-2021

Project Name Investigators (McMaster only) Amount Funded
Community Physicians
Access to primary care by homeless individuals in Peel during COVID – Pilot study Clinton Baretto (PI), Caroline Collins $5,000.00
Exploring patient’s and physician’s values and preferences regarding prostate cancer screening: A pilot and feasibility study Leen Naji (PI),Meredith Vanstone, Philippe Violette, Harkanwal Randhawa $4,922.00
Identifying information management inefficiencies in primary care workflows to inform developments of automated solutions Mohamed Alarakhia (PI), Tammy Packer $5,000.00
Preparation of a Population study of family physician drug prescribing behaviour with patients who are depressed. Ron Ireland (PI), Michael Yapko, Andrew Costa, Larry Chambers, Dee Mangin, Denise Marshall $5,000.00
AFP Physicians 
Identifying key recommendations for future public health emergencies in the long-term care sector based on the initial COVID19 pandemic experience. Henry Siu (PI), Lorand Kristof, Fady Akladios, Meredith Vanstone $5,000.00
Developing primary care physician’s competency in multi-disaster preparedness in Aceh, Indonesia and Hamilton, Canada: A comparative phenomenology study Lynda Redwood Campbell (PI), Rosaria Indah, Melissa Govindaraju $5,088.00

Past Funding


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