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Our full-time faculty are clinicians and researchers working at various sites in Hamilton, Ontario. We see our full-time faculty as the heart of the department.

Full-time faculty are required to contribute broadly to the university academy and our faculty do so through clinical teaching, academic developments, research and publications. Our full-time faculty are engaged not only in the education of learners and clinical care of patients, but also are leaders at the provincial and national levels through involvement in professional and regulatory bodies, curriculum and standards development, and policy planning and reform. Through pedagogy and curriculum development, they create innovative learning environments for McMaster students that prepare them for real world clinical practice.

Examples of special interest areas being pursued by our faculty include: child health and development, chronic disease management, drug safety, effectiveness and use, global health, interprofessional teams, primary care reform, palliative care and end-of-life research, and care of the elderly.

Our clinical faculty work primarily within the McMaster Family Health Team and the emergency rooms and delivery rooms of Hamilton Health Sciences and St Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton. The McMaster Family Health Team is comprised of McMaster Family Practice, Stonechurch Family Health Centre and the Maternity Centre of Hamilton.

In addition to the academic research done by our clinical faculty, we have a robust research division within the department which houses several full-time faculty members including two funded research chairs. Supported by a large administrative group of research coordinators, administrators and site liaisons our research faculty are dedicated to identifying clinical problems and developing pioneering solutions with real world applications.

Together, our full-time faculty are making a difference in the lives of our patients through education and research, postgraduate training and assessment, and collaborations across the health disciplines and beyond.

Learn more about our full-time faculty and their work in our Faculty Directory.

Would you like to join our growing team of full-time faculty members? Available opportunities are listed below.

If you are already a full-time faculty member and have questions about the tenure and promotion process, research leaves, career reviews, policies or contract renewals, please connect with our Faculty Relations Team.

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